Terms & Conditions

1. Introductory remarks, rights and obligations of users / visitors
The use of this website of our company named “ALHEMIST LUXURY E.E” with the distinctive title “ALHEMIST LYXURY” hereinafter referred to as “company” is subject to the conditions listed below. The use of this website constitutes presumption that the visitor / user has studied, understood and accepted all the terms of use. These terms of use may be modified, revised, updated or completely converted at any time and without notice to the user / visitor. If a visitor / user makes use of the website and does not agree with the terms as presented, should not make use of the website of the company, its services or its content. The company is not liable for compensations if for any reason any damage is caused to the visitor / user. The users / visitors to the website of the company must comply with all the rules of law, domestic, European or international law and to refrain from any unlawful, illegal and / or improper use of content and services from the website and to refrain from acts and / or omissions that may cause damage of any kind on the website or any third party for any purpose whatsoever. Under no circumstances uses / visits are allowed, as described above. The website, its services and each user undertakes the responsibility for preventing any injury and damage, direct or indirect, consequential, or incidental, resulting in misuse or improper use of the services offered through it, and omission of acts likely to cause any distortion or other interference in the content, the intellectual or industrial property rights or website software and any attempt to undermine technological excellence and functionality caused to the company or any such claim of a legal nature raised or any dispute or controversy arise between him (the user / visitor) and others because of the content that is available for posting, publishing or any kind of use or processed through service website, while the user / visitor has the relative responsibility of indemnification (compensation for damage) to the company as administrator of the site in case of such damage occurs.
2. Intellectual property rights - industrial property rights of third parties.
The entire website, except for the content expressly reported as an exception and clearly shown that its owners are third parties (copyright of third parties), which – as a guide – includes text, graphics, images, photos, drawings, video, sounds etc. (hereinafter referred to as content ) are property of the company and is protected by applicable national, communal and international law. All other products or services mentioned in the pages of this webpage and bearing the trademarks of their respective organizations, companies, collaborators, operators, associations or publications, constitute their own intellectual and industrial property and therefore these parties bear the responsibility, belong to them and their appearance on this site does not constitute and should not be construed in any way as a permission or right to use them.
The company reserves all rights regarding the content and copies made of this content. Website content is available to visitors / users for personal use and to promote the purpose of the company, that is the promotion of the vehicle being leased under the statute purpose. The content is subject to change without notice at the discretion of the company. After accepting the terms of use, it allows non-commercial use and reproduction of the whole or part, provided that the reproduced product is freely available via the internet or other appropriate means and accompanied by clear and distinct reference to the source of origin. Any other use requires the express written permission of the owner or the copyright owner. It is explicitly stated that any modification, publication, transmission, reproduction, distribution, presentation, upload in storage, translation, sale or in other way use, in whole or in part, of the website content, regardless of how without prior written permission from the company is expressly prohibited. In particular for any question about the rights of reproduction of any part of the contents of this document, and for applying for such content approval requests, you can contact the company by the relevant section on the website.
3. Personal data protection - cookies - privacy policy
The management and protection of personal data for the visitor / user of the website is subject to the terms of this notice as well as in accordance with national, communal and international law on the protection of individuals against the processing of personal data, as applicable. Any potential future changes will be the subject of this notice. In each case the company reserves the right to change the privacy conditions in accordance with the applicable legal framework. Therefore, these data protection terms can be reviewed and updated at any time without notice. Users of the website are requested to check at regular time intervals of these terms for any changes, and continued use of the site implies their acceptance of all possible changes to them.
The company collects personal data of visitors / users of the website, only when they are voluntarily offer themselves to provide the services that are available electronically. The users / visitors of the website explicitly provide their consent to the processing of their personal data by the corporation under Art. 5 of Law. 2472/1997 as amended and in force by the PD 28/2015 and European directives. Personal elements are the elements that can be used to determine the identity or contact with a person as well as other information relating that person, which can be provided to fulfill the purpose of the company, that is to lease a luxury vehicle. The personal information collected on the site are the following: a) name, b) father’s and mother’s name, c) occupation, d) the address, e) telephone and fax, f) email address. Each user / visitor retains the right to know whenever personal data concerning him is processed, to object at any time or any other written updates in relation to the processing of the information stated in this company’s website in accordance with the provisions of law . 2472/1997 as in force. The visitor / user may contact the respective administrator of the website to check for the existence of a personal record and request corrections, changes or deletion. The user / visitor may sent an email with the phrase “personal information request” to the company (controller) and the address is provided in this section of the website. The user / visitor has the right to request and obtain from the controller, without delay and in an understandable and clear manner, the following information: a) all personal data concerning him and their origins, b) the purposes of the processing, the recipients or categories of recipients, c) the development of the processing for the time period from the last request, d) the logic of the automated processing. The right of access can be exercised by the data subject and with the assistance of a specialist if needed and can request the rectification, erasure or blocking of the data whose processing does not comply with the provisions of this law, in particular because of inadequate or inaccurate nature of the data, and the notification to third parties to whom the data have been disclosed of any rectification, erasure or blocking carried out unless this proves impossible or involves a disproportionate effort.
The company will not have such personal data available for sale or otherwise transmit or disclose personal data of visitors / users of the website to third parties who are not related to her, without the consent of the visitor / user, except for the application of relevant legal dictations and only to competent authorities. The company can process part or all of the information sent by the visitors / users for statistical purposes and to improve the informational services. At present the company does not transmit data or communicates data to third parties since the processing relates to customers or suppliers. (Art. 7A approx. N b. 2472/1997)
The company may in future with the corresponding notification to the data protection authority to collect user identifiers, using similar technologies, such as cookies or tracking Internet Protocol address (IP).
The cookies are small text files otherwise small amount of data stored on the hard disk of the visitor / user and are not aware of any document or file from his computer. The small amount of data that a website puts on your computer that is called cookies. They are used to facilitate the visitor / user regarding the use of specific services and / or web pages for statistical purposes and to determine the areas that are useful or popular. These data may also include the type of browser used by the visitor / user, the type of computer, operating system, internet service providers and other such information.
Moreover, the website’s computer system automatically collects information about the sites visited by the visitor / user and on their links to third party websites that may be selected by use of the website. The visitor / user of the site can set the program to surf the Internet in such a way as to warn about the use of cookies in specific services or to prevent the acceptance of cookies in any case. If the visitor / user of particular services and pages does not wish to use cookies, then cannot have further access to these services. The web site sections that are under the responsibility of third parties are not in any case responsible for the terms of protection of personal data which these websites follow.
4. Personal Account
Each visitor can browse the website without giving any personal information. Personal data, such as e-mail, will only be required if the visitor wishes to become a member of the site or to be able to make use of the services and send the above mentioned data in detail through email for communication with the company and the lease of the vehicle. Registration on site is optional. However, some of the features or services offered may not be available to users who have not yet subscribed.
If the user wishes to subscribe and receive the complete services of the website, then must first create a personal account and agrees i) Input and provide sound, true and accurate information required to create the account, ii) maintain and thoroughly inform the registration data, in cases where the data is in need of correction, modification, updating or replacing iii) to maintain the confidentiality of personal account and password, iv) to immediately notify the company as the administrator of site of any unauthorized / use without prior permission of the account and any action or potential security breach. Upon completion of registration and personal account creation process, the user is presumed that expressly and unreservedly accepts these Terms and Conditions and will assume full responsibility for all actions to be carried out through the personal account.
The user remains solely responsible for the secrecy, the careful use of the personal account, logging out at the end of each use and for all acts performed by the personal account. The company as the administrator of the website is not responsible towards the user or any third party in the event that the information provided in relation to each individual account is incomplete, inaccurate, misleading or deceptive. Also is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by improper maintenance of the registration and login process. Unless the contrary is agreed with the company, the user has the right to register and only create a personal account. It is prohibited to create an account for another person or with the purpose of another person’s identity theft. The user has the right to object to his personal account with a request to the administrator of the website to correct or delete it from member / user. The administrating company of this website reserves every right to terminate and disable personal user account without penalty and at any time, if observed any violation of these Terms of Use.
5. Liability for the Company- Disclaimer
This website and the information is provided “as is” and the company does not assume any responsibility or provide any kind of guarantee, explicitly expressed or implied in any way, while the use of it is entirely the responsibility of each user.
Although the company strives for the proper operation, maintenance and availability of the network, so that the services work properly and the information available through this website to be correct, accurate, complete and clear, and to be constantly updated, it is in no way guaranteed, given the nature and volume of the Internet, that the operation of the website / the servers and / or the Internet, through which the content is transmitted will be uninterrupted and / or disorderly, free from viruses and similar malicious components. Moreover, the company does not confirm nor guarantee that the information is accurate, correct or complete, nor can it be held responsible for any errors (including printing), for interference due to temporary and / or partial breakdown, repair work, upgrading or maintenance of the site or for any other reason.
To the extent that it becomes permissible by applicable law, the administrative company is not responsible in any case, regardless of the legal basis of liability, whether in tort, or objective, including simple negligence, limited – and are not limited, i) for any damage, direct or indirect, consequential or incidental (lost profits, loss of profits, data, charge), like the user suffered or any third party and of course for any claim raised to restore it from errors or difficulties in access to technical reasons, defects or because of the visit and use of the website, inability, lack of capacity, or delays, poor performance in its use or transmission through this website data or information on the internet, ii) for any damage direct (loss of profit, loss of profits, data, charge) or indirect, consequential or incidental, may the user or any third party suffer and of course for any claim raised for compensation iii) for any damage, direct or indirect, consequential or incidental, or indirect (lost profits, loss of profits, data, charge), may the user or any third party suffer and of course for any claim raised to restore the use of the site and are the result of illegal acts of third parties (such as, but not limited to, eavesdropping, tampering or deciphering codes and data), iv) for any damage, direct or indirect, consequential or incidental, or indirect (lost profits, loss of profits, data, charge), may the user / visitor or any third party suffer, v) for any occurrence of force majeure or other random events or causes arise and lies outside the administrative company’s control, and of course for any claim raised because of these, vi) for any claims of civil and / or criminal and general legal nature of a user or third party that may arise from any of the above cases.
The company as administrator disclaims any liability for any damage, direct or indirect, consequential or incidental, (lost profits, loss of profits, charge), may the user / visitor or any third party suffer, and for any clam for compensation, in any event that creates such an impression. Instead, it is at the discretion of users / visitors, as a prudent consumer, to act with due diligence, according to their own will, on their own evaluation and assessment of the projected content.
The company with this statement again explicitly states that maintains the right to anytime suspend or terminate access to the website or to individual functions, if it detects any event, which at its discretion is contrary to the law and the present conditions.
6. Underage users
The Site is intended for use by adults. By accepting these terms of use, the visitor / user declares to be aged eighteen (18) years or older. Visitors / users of the website who are minors are not allowed to have access to services that may be considered inappropriate for minors and which cannot be controlled by the administrator. If the age of the visitors / users is less than eighteen (18) years but more than thirteen (13), they have the right to use services of the website, solely under the supervision of a parent or an acting legal guardian, who accepts these terms, understanding and agreeing that it bears full responsibility arising from such use, including any financial obligations. In all other cases they are not to access the website and use the services offered, and, respectively, the company is not responsible in the event that some or all of the data and information provided by the website, made accessible or processed by minors without the supervision / surveillance of those exercising parental authority. The management company does not intend to gather any personal data of persons aged under 18 years. In any such event, even if the information was voluntarily provided by minors, the data will be deleted directly from the database kept for this purpose. For this reason it is necessary before each use of the website services the previous reading of the general conditions of any visitor of the website. Parents or those exercising parental responsibility for underage persons must inform them about the safe and responsible use of their personal data in accordance with this policy, the applicable laws and rules of the Internet.
7. Information-Newsletters Services
The site enables users to subscribe to the news service. Each visitor / user wishes and agrees to receive informational emails and only needs to import the personal e-mail address in the relevant platform has been created, providing the explicit and unconditional consent and agreement to these Terms and Conditions. After the registration to the service, the user agrees that becomes recipient to information (informational messages, announcements, etc) exclusively by e-mail (the company’s automated messaging service) and for informational purposes only. Indicatively, the company may send e-mails for creation, confirmation or an amendment for the account information or informative e-mails (newsletters) .I n the case of informative e-mails, the site entitles the user to choose when and where wants to receive them or not, and if they chose not to receive them, they may unsubscribe from this service using the relevant Delete link available in the relevant section in each such e-mail. The company reserves the right to selectively send these messages among the registered users in the aforementioned service and / or at any time delete certain users from the list of recipients, in its sole discretion.
The content available in the form of informative e-mail as an exclusive for the registered users, is an integral piece and website content and covered by these Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. More specifically, the content and any ideas, drawings, graphics, pictures, text, sound and audiovisual material, and any other material contained in newsletters, is a brainchild of the company’s web site and is protected by the relevant legislation, internal and international, intellectual and industrial property, and it is mutually accepted that it can be used for personal use only and not authorized for use, publish, copy, reproduce, modify or transfer the contents for any commercial or other use without the prior written consent the site manager. Unauthorized use is prohibited and protected by law. The company of the website undertakes not to cede or communicate personal data given by the user / visitor during registration to third parties.
8. Jurisdiction and applicable law.
These General Terms and Conditions of Use of the website of the company and any amendments thereto shall be governed by Greek law, European law and international treaties. Any provision of these terms proves to be against the law ceases to apply without prejudice to the validity of the remaining terms of this website. No modification of these General Terms of Use of the website of the company will be valid unless made in writing and in an explicit declaration of the parties included in these General Terms and Conditions of Use of the website of the company. The management and protection of personal data of the visitor / user of the site’s services is subject to the terms as mentioned above and in the relevant provisions of Greek (N. 2472/1997 and subsequent amendments of Decree 28/2015), Community (Directions 95/46 / EC, 2002/58 / EC, 2009/136 / EC) and international legislation on the protection of personal data, as applicable, and supplemented by the decisions of the independent data protection authority. Further, any such litigation or dispute may arise from the application, that the conditions of use and the general use of the site by the user / visitor hereby expressly agreed that, if not resolved amicably / extrajudicial governed by Greek law, falls within the jurisdiction of the Greek Courts, and particularly the exclusive substantive and territorial jurisdiction of the Courts at the place of contract creation, meaning the island of Mykonos in the Cyclades.